Leveraging Azure with non-Microsoft Technologies

Mar 4 , 2010
Mar 5, 2010

Microsoft and PHPBenelux are proud to announce a PHP on Azure event with no one less then Josh Holmes presenting "Leveraging Azure with non-Microsoft Technologies".

Josh will talk about the possibilities of Azure for PHP developers, how to use the Azure eco-system efficiently using your application's architecture and will discuss topics how to best use Windows Azure OS with Microsoft SQL Azure to set up your PHP application. During the meeting on march 4th in The Netherlands, a second speaker will join Josh: Jan-Willem Eshuis of dutch public broadcasting organization NOS will speak about SOA.

This event will be held in Belgium and the Netherlands

  • Tursday 4 march Evert van de Beekstraat 354, 1118 CZ Schiphol, NL and starts at 18:30
  • Friday 5 march at Microsoft Brussels, Corporate Village, Leonardo Da Vincilaan 3, B-1935 Zaventem on Friday, March 5 2010 and starts at 13:30.

If you're looking for a cloud solution for your PHP applications, you have to attend this event. Azure might become the most PHP friendly platform to deploy and scale your applications. Please register at http://phpbenelux.eu/registerazure and get all the insights for deploying your PHP apps to Azure.

We wouldn't be PHPBenelux if there weren't any prizes to give away. Thanks to Microsoft you now have the chance to win an automatic approval for Microsoft's WebsiteSpark and a Microsoft Expression Professional Subscription including Windows 7 license.

See you there,

Microsoft & PHPBenelux