PHPBenelux BugHuntDay 2010

Nov 27 , 2010
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As has become tradition after 2008 (Zend Framework) and 2009 (symfony), we again organize a PHPBenelux BugHuntDay in November this year. We even decided to make the BugHuntDay a bit bigger.

On Saturday November 27th, we will be focussing not on one but on two projects! We will focus on Zend Framework for the framework-heads, and on the codebase for the community-heads.

This year's BugHuntDay will take place in The Hague, in the office of WEBclusive, where all attendees will be able to find a place and be able to contribute to Zend Framework or under the guidance of experts of both systems (including members of the PHPBenelux crew Michelangelo van Dam, Stefan Koopmanschap, but also Zend Framework Community Review team member Pieter Kokx who will be able to help you with contributing to Zend Framework 2!). Attending the BugHuntDay is the easiest way to contribute to one of these projects and if you like it even stay involved in the project. We will start the day at 10:00am and end at 16:00h.

Attending BugHuntDay is completely free for everyone so there really is no reason not to come. The WEBclusive offices are easy to reach both by train and by car, and is easy to recognize, it is the "Ortel Mobile" building. And you will be sure to learn something during the day, whether you work on or Zend Framework. Plus, your work will directly contribute the project you'll be working on, and you will be able to see your code in the respective repository soon. So... enough reason to come!

Excited to come?
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See you there!