Ibuildings Conference Social

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There is less than one week left until the conference, and every single member of the crew is getting more and more excited about it. We're really looking forward to the conference and seeing all of you there! But what is a conference without a social event?

The official conference social event is taking place right after the main conference, in the exhibition/lunch room of the conference. We are very grateful for Ibuildings to have stepped up to support us in organizing this conference, and especially also the social event! Thanks to them, everyone will be able to let off some steam when the conference is over. We'll have two hours of free drinks and some snacks for everyone who feels like hanging out. Discuss the conference with fellow delegates, speakers, sponsors and organizers while drinking a nice Belgian beer. Relax a bit before you head out for dinner, or go home. Socialize, network, mingle. Talk to people, and thank our sponsors for their support :)

Of course, you are also very welcome to come to De Vagant on friday night, where there will be an informal pre-conference social. Nobody is covering the bar there, however, so you'll have to pay for your own drinks. The reasons for coming there will be mostly the same though, and you're definitely welcome to join us at De Vagant on friday to have some fun before diving into the conference on saturday morning.