PHPBenelux is a non-profit usergroup for the Benelux. We organize meetings and conferences for PHP developers and companies using PHP. These events contain technical talks, workshops and best-practice sessions to share and improve the knowledge among developers. PHPBenelux also aims to promote PHP as a language to enterprises and software developers who are looking to incorporate an alternative technology.

Symfony Live Paris

Mar 2 , 2011
Mar 5, 2011

Just like last year, Sensio is organizing the Symfony Live conference in Paris. Two days full of talks related to symfony, Symfony2 and PHP. »»»

Dutch PHP Conference

May 19 , 2011
May 21, 2011
DPC11 logo

It is a tradition by now that just before the summer holidays, the Dutch PHP Conference takes place. This year it's a little earlier, but it's definitely not a worse conference for it. Just take a look at the impressive schedule and you'll know to really look forward to this conference. »»»

PHPBenelux February Meeting

Feb 22 , 2011
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The conference is just over, but we're already having an awesome new monthly meeting for you. The February meeting is taking place inside the PHPro offices in Kontich on February 22nd at 19h00. We're combining some nice talks with the atmosphere you're used to from our meetings. »»»

Enrise PHP TestFest

Feb 21 , 2011

On February 21st from 6PM to 10PM, Amersfoort-based company Enrise will host a mini PHP TestFest event. This is a perfect opportunity for contributing to PHP as a language by writing tests (in pure PHP, no need for knowledge of C), get some good karma, and free food and drinks! »»»

Friday's Drupal 7 Release party

Jan 7 , 2011
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In many places all over the world release parties are being held at the same time to celebrate the new Drupal 7. In Belgium and the Netherlands there are still parties open for registration. Everyone is encouraged to come to one of these parties for some fun, sharing of knowledge and celebrating technology.

A short summary of locations in the Benelux is given below; »»»

Drupal 7

Drupal logo

This morning, the Drupal team has released version 7 of their CMS. This new major version contains some cool new features like extended database support (SQLite, Mysql/MariaDB, PostgreSQL out of the box), the possibility to automate code testing, better asset management, improved accessibility and much more. »»»

PHP5.2 is dead, long live PHP5.3

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With the release of PHP 5.2.16, the official support of the PHP5.2 branch has ended. This means that no work will be done anymore on PHP 5.2. The PHP group recommends everyone to start upgrading to PHP 5.3 on machines where this has not yet been done. »»»

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