Announcing phpBenelux Conference 2010

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The phpBenelux team is very proud to announce the first edition of the phpBenelux Conference. On Saturday January 30th, we will be hosting this first conference in Antwerp, Belgium. The day will be filled with great content, great people and lots of fun!

A conference is mainly made a success by two factors: Visitors and visitors. The first category of visitors are those attending the conference, having fun and attending the talks. The second type of visitors are those that have an interesting story to tell. The speakers that fill our schedule with their expertise, experiences and interesting stories related to PHP in a broad sense. And that could be you! The Call for Proposals has closed. We will announce the speakers before the end of november.

Our speaker package contains access to the conference and any surrounding events we organize, one or two hotel nights depending on your location, and access to our speaker dinner on Friday January 29th. We are, however, not able to reimburse any travel costs made to get to Antwerp, so you will have to arrange your own flight or train trip.

The Call for Proposals will be open until 31st of October, we aim to announce speakers at the last by the end of November.

Obviously, a conference like this can not be organized by a group such as phpBenelux without the support of sponsors. Therefore, we are also actively looking for companies who want to help us out either by directly covering specific areas of our budget (such as location, catering, a social event etc), or by a fixed-price donation. If you are interested in supporting the phpBenelux Conference 2010, and in return getting exposure to European developers and companies, feel free to contact us for more details on sponsoring opportunities.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Antwerp in January and seeing your proposals!