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PHP Developer at Media Park / Television Studios Hilversum

Are you tired of being treated as code monkey in your current job? Or are you tired of having to find your next job as freelancer, dealing with annoying clients who never pay their bills? Are you that guy sitting in his basement writing open source code without getting the acknowledgement or pay you think you are entitled to? You want to actually see your code in production for a change? »»»

Workshop Deployment of Zend Framework apps to Windows Azure

Nov 22 , 2011

There is no escaping any more! The cloud already has proven its advantages over bare metal setups and regular hosting solutions. One thing is for sure, it's not going to stop! And why choose a cloud service provider that wants you to continuously manage your platform while the only thing you want to focus on are your applications? »»»

WEBclusive zoekt een Senior Developer met oog voor kwaliteit en passie voor het vak om een centrale rol te spelen in het development team op ons nieuwe hoofdkwartier in Amsterdam

Wie zijn wij?

WEBclusive is een webdevelopment buro met de nadruk op het creëren van technische oplossingen voor met name social media en crowdfunding platforms. Onze primaire tools hierbij zijn PHP en Zend Framework.

Wij hanteren het motto “the only way to go fast is to go well”, oftewel: wij halen onze productiviteit niet uit lange dagen, quick & dirty hacks en een grote pool aan codekloppers, maar uit een klein team van professionals voor wie kwaliteit voorop staat.

In onze werkwijze staan de wensen van de klant en de vaardigheden van de developers centraal. Papierwerk, vergaderingen en management beperken we tot het minimaal noodzakelijke. »»»

PHPBenelux February Meeting

Feb 22 , 2011
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The conference is just over, but we're already having an awesome new monthly meeting for you. The February meeting is taking place inside the PHPro offices in Kontich on February 22nd at 19h00. We're combining some nice talks with the atmosphere you're used to from our meetings. »»»

Stage: Web Developer

Le stagiaire sera dans un premier temps formé au fonctionnement de la plate-forme
BlastMediaManager, à la maitrise de PHP et des différentes technologies utilisées (PHP, Mysql,
Zend Framework, Eclipse/NetBeans, PHP_Unit, Javascript, JQuery, SVN, etc). Dans un second
temps, il aidera au développement et à l’amélioration de la plate-forme ainsi qu’au support »»»

PHPBenelux BugHuntDay 2010

Nov 27 , 2010
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As has become tradition after 2008 (Zend Framework) and 2009 (symfony), we again organize a PHPBenelux BugHuntDay in November this year. We even decided to make the BugHuntDay a bit bigger.

On Saturday November 27th, we will be focussing not on one but on two projects! We will focus on Zend Framework for the framework-heads, and on the Joind.in codebase for the community-heads. »»»

Experienced PHP/MySQL developer (Zend Framework) for gaming company

Job summary

For further improving the ultimate skill gaming experience at www.wataro.com, we are looking for an experienced programmer in Zend Framework (PHP/MySQL). »»»

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