CfP for PHPBenelux Conference 2015 open!

Source Ivan Lanin

It’s again September! Everyone has enjoyed a well deserved summer break, kids are back in school and our team is already heavily preparing PHPBenelux Conference 2015. Arranging venue, sponsor packages and catering desicions are the things we can take care of, but we can only call it a conference when speakers are on stage and this where we need you!

If you like to be a speaker at PHPBenelux Conference 2015, head over to our Call for Papers site and register your talks and tutorials. Details about our speaker package and talk requirements are there as well.

We welcome experienced speakers, but we also seek out individuals that have interesting things to share but haven’t spoken at a conference before.

Help us out and spread the word of our Call for Papers. If you know people that have knowledge they might want to share with a larger audience, point them to

We hope to welcome you next year as speaker.

The PHPBenelux Crew

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