php[tek] 2015 Call for Papers is open!

Our great friends across the ocean informed us that they have opened the CFP for php[tek], be sure to send in your talk to become part of this awesome conference!

If you’re in doubt if you got what it takes, this is a quote from the CFP page:

PHP runs over 82% of the internet at the moment. Take a moment to think about that staggering statistic. Because of this, the use-cases of PHP are extremely broad, and we want php[tek] to reflect that. We therefore want submissions that cover the entire range of Web Development processes. We want to hear about how PHP is getting the job done throughout the world.

Importantly, we don’t necessarily look for talks that are only about PHP itself. Some of our most successful presentations have been on products built on PHP (such as WordPress, Drupal, and other frameworks) and on technologies that are crucial to building on the web (HTML5, JavaScript, Mobile Development, Apache, Databases, Deployment, etc.)

You can send in your submissions via this page

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