Our New Year’s resolution

Our New Year’s resolution


2014 is coming to its end, satisfied after spending Christmas with your loved ones and preparing New Year’s resolutions for 2015. A healthier life, loosing weight, more quality time with the family and those kind of things.

We at PHPBenelux are already full at work fulfilling our New Year’s resolution by preparing a magical, enlightened and educational conference for 2015. It will give you the best start in the new year.

Treat yourself with a New Year’s resolution that’s real and within reach. Buy your ticket for PHPBenelux Conference 2015 now!

If you missed out a seat at our last conference, you know tickets sell out quickly. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Treat yourself or your colleagues on a ticket for PHPBenelux Conference 2015.

Happy new year from all of us at PHPBenelux and we’ll see you in 2015!


The PHPBenelux Team

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