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Who are we?

PHPBenelux is the User Group that represents the PHP community in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

We’ve been organizing conferences since 2010 and that means this will be our 10th edition! Before there was an active scene of local meetup groups, we also organized meetups in the area. Right now, our core purpose is organizing the annual conference.

We have an experienced crew of well-respected PHP community members:

  • Michelangelo van Dam
  • Paul Borgermans
  • Martin de Keijzer
  • Richard Tuin
  • Stijn Janssen
  • Kana Yeh
  • Leon Luijkx

Who are you?

To make this conference happen, we partner up with companies, and give them exposure. By establishing these (long-term) partnerships, we can keep the ticket price down.

No sponsors, no conference. Simple as that.

The companies we work with are looking to engage with our audience for a variety of reasons:

  • Recruiting
  • Brand-awareness
  • Product marketing and sales
  • Giving back to the community
  • Having valuable and genuine conversations in an informal setting

We like working with companies who “get” open source, or at least are interested in sincere interactions with the community we represent.

Passion is the driver, not just business.

Why should you consider sponsoring us?

We attract about 450 of the brightest minds in the PHP and software industry. Our attendees and speakers are a mixture of talented developers, skilled DevOps specialists, praised open source contributors, and community influencers.

We can help you spread your message, and help you navigate the waters of open source communities.

Our attendees come for the outstanding conference content, which focuses on topics like:

  • PHP
  • API’s
  • Software architecture and design
  • Systems Engineering & DevOps
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Automation, Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment
  • Security, Privacy & Legislation
  • Technical aspect of e-commerce
  • Frontend Design & Development
  • Mobile Applications, Architecture and Scalability
  • PHP Community building, Team Management & Workflow Improvements

Although they come for the talks, they stay for the people.

As community ambassadors, PHPBenelux focuses heavily on networking and social interactions.

Our conference is an event, we create an experience.

Apart from the talks, everything happens in the community area situated in the big expo hall in the center of the venue: coffee, lunch, and socials. That’s exactly where we install the sponsor booths. This way you are a core part of the conference experience.

Our event is traditionally the start of the new year, and the first conference people put on their calendar. We are a household name and we consistently sell out our venue.

Our venue is in the outskirts of Antwerp, with all facilities on-site.

People tend to stick around for the social activities.

During the conference we have two social events at the conference venue: Friday night and Saturday night.

This is a great opportunity for you to get in touch with them and have genuine interactions in a community-friendly atmosphere.

The community area isn’t just there for food, drinks, and sponsors. An essential part of the area are the themed entertainment options. Every year there’s a central theme. We went from carnival, to showtime, to space.

We decorate the community area and we expect sponsors to adapt their campaigns and their booths accordingly.

PHPBenelux conference 2019 – 10th edition!

The 2019 edition of the conference is held on the 25th and 26th of january 2019.

This year the conference atmosphere is based on the theme “retro”.

We believe that our audience can relate to this topic, and we’re confident that the decoration, and the entertainment options could offer a unique experience.

Retro is; pac-man, arcade games, vintage game consoles on an old-style CRT television, pixel-art, LAN-parties, rubik’s cube, and that sort of things.

Be creative! It’s the best way to attract people and to start a conversation.

If you’re considering a sponsor package that includes a booth, we need to know your ideas on how you want to leverage our central theme to decorate your booth. If you want, we can brainstorm with you. We’ll also help you with attractions rentals and other logistics where we can.

Yet again, we expect to sell out the conference. This means we’ll have about 450 people present. Besides the booths, you can also distribute swag in the goodie bags and install a roll-up banner.

Sponsor packages




Logo on the website

Logo in the schedule booklet

Intro/outro callout

Logo in the mailings/newsletters

CFP priority for talk or tutorial*

Booth space

Premium booth space

Speakers dinner access

Stage time/speech during closing notes

Number of free tickets**




Number of sponsor slots








*The Platinum sponsor can submit sponsored talks and have priority over regular CFP submissions. Talks will only be selected when they meet the technical criteria required by the CFP commission, so it is not a guaranteed slot. Multiple submissions are allowed, but only one talk can be selected.

** New: tickets for booth crew are now included in this number of tickets!

Custom sponsoring options

Although the standard packages are important to us, we also support custom sponsoring options. By doing this you’re investing in a specific part of the conference and exclusively associate your name to that part of the conference.

We know that marketing is changing, and that personal branding is an increasingly important strategy. We are willing to facilitate this, and find sponsoring opportunities that fit your company image. Our previous editions featured some custom sponsoring, and proved to be very successful for the participating sponsors.

Here’s a list of custom items that can be sponsored.  You can also make your own suggestions.

One small room (25 pax), 1,5 days during regular conference 2500 €


Hotel shuttle service (with logo) 1500 €


Speaker’s expenses(1)
Travel expenses Specific amount per speaker
Hotel expenses 110 € per night per speaker (2 or 3 nights)


Social events
Regular drinks 2 x 3000 € (Friday and/or Saturday)
Friday social food(2) 3000 €
Coffee sponsor(2) 3000 €
Speaker’s dinner 3500 €
Saturday social food(2) 3000 €
Main entertainment attraction (TBD) 5000+ €

(1) Sponsors who invest in hotel & travel expenses for speakers, will be published as “speaker angels” and will receive an explicit “thank you” from the speaker during his/her talk.

(2) The price associated with food and coffee doesn’t represent the actual cost, it’s just a fixed amount. The real cost depends on the number of pre-registered attendees for the social events and the kind of food we offer.

Interested in sponsoring the event?

That’s great, we love to have you on board!

Please send a mail to Richard Tuin at and we’ll talk about collaborating!