010PHP: Compilers, Interpreters and JIT


This month Joshua Thijssen is taking back the stage at 010PHP with his talk on Compilers, Interpreters and JIT. This time we will be at DevMob’s headquarters. 

DevMob is also providing some nice Italian Food, so make sure to be on time!

Compilers, Interpreters and Jit – Joshua Thijssen
From source to code: an introduction into compilers, interpreters and JIT.​

With the release of HHVM and PHP7 you hear lots of people talking about AST, JIT, static analysis etcetera.
But what does this all mean? Will it make our PHP code run faster and if so, how?

During this talk, I will give an introduction in how computer languages in general will convert from human readable source code like PHP code to instructions that a computer can actually execute. 

We will talk about the steps PHP has taken (and will take in the future) and give you insights in what it all means. And it all might give you even some idea’s on writing your own language as well.

About DevMob

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19:00 – 20:00 – Doors open & Food
20:00 – 20:15 – A word from our organizers / location sponsor
20:15 – 21:00 – Compilers, Interpreters and Jit – Joshua Thijssen 
21:00 – ?? – Round up and start of Social!