010PHP Social + Lightning Talk!

This month’s meetup will be having a social and a lightning talk. Bring your colleagues and friends to come and meet other developers. Get to know some of the finest in and around Rotterdam! 

Herman Peeren, one of 010PHP’s frequent speaker, is doing a talk on “Improving our PHP-code with ideas from Functional Programming”

Functional Programming (FP), not to be confused with procedural programming, is another paradigm than Object Oriented Programming (OOP). This presentation is an intoduction into FP, using PHP. We’ll write a PHP-program without assignments to illustrate that we can program without manipulating “data”. We’ll use array_map, array_reduce and array_filter to show the difference between imperative and declarative programming. We’ll see how concepts from FP, like higher order functions and lazy evaluation can lead to better modularity.

And YES! The PHP ElePHPants has arrived! Damien Sequy will bring the newborns to our social! 

So feel free to join us at Alphacomm’s headquarter! 
See you there!

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