010PHP: New Year’s Gathering

That’s a weird talk title, isn’t it? Although it would be interesting to see what PHP-related topic might be discussed at such a talk, this month’s meetup doesn’t have a talk. It doesn’t even have a traditional location, because of last minute scheduling problems. This is no problem however, because we don’t need a businesslike location if we don’t have a speaker. But we’re still gonna meet up.

We decided to move the meetup to a more public location and just hang out. We chose a place were everyone can join at any convenient time and eat or drink whatever they want, so there’s a lot of flexibility to accommodate everyone. It’s the Foodhallen, a location that opened last year inside the Pakhuismeesteren building in the center of the Wilheminapier. Inside, we can find a place to sit (or stand, it doesn’t matter), get a drink at the bar and/or order something to eat at one of the food stands there. There’s a lot of choices; from burgers to pinxtos and from Indonesian to Mexican. The hall is big enough for our group (unless another group is also meeting up there at the same time, but who knows?) and it’s no problem if not a lot of PHP’ers show up.

So: new year’s gathering at the Foodhallen. It’s at the regular time, until however late we want to make it. See you there?