010PHP: CQRS & Event Sourcing with Prooph

Hi and welcome to our July meetup. A special kind of meetup, as has become known to many of you: it’s our anniversary meetup!
And what does that mean? That’s right, a rooftop barbecue with all of our friends from DPDK! *cue party hats*

CQRS & Event Sourcing with Prooph ~ Sander Vink (
Last year I worked on a project for which we thought Domain-Driven Design would be a perfect match, because we really needed to engage our users as early as possible during development. Additionally we had some technical requirements for which CQRS and Event Sourcing also seemed like a good match. During this talk I will explain why we thought this was, how we implemented this with the help of Prooph components, what kind of problems we ran in to, and how we solved them.

About Sander Vink
My name is Sander, I am 36 years old, happily married, father of two kids, and have been working in development for over 15 years.

Started out as a front-end developer, but have many years of back-end development experience as well now. Additionally I love to facilitate business people and users by organizing event storming and story mapping sessions.

Working as Technical Lead at Infi Utrecht. Board member and treasurer of Fronteers in my spare time.

19:00 – 20:00 – Doors open & Food
20:00 – 20:15 – A word from our organizers / location sponsor
20:15 – 21:00 – CQRS & Event Sourcing with Prooph ~ Sander Vink
21:00 – ?? – Round up and start of Social!