010PHP: What’s in store in 7.4

New month, new talk! Come join the group at 42workspace to hear Mark Baker talk about the new and exciting things happening with PHP in version 7.4.

What’s in store in 7.4 ~ Mark Baker
PHP 7.4 is scheduled to be released on November 21, 2019. It’s the next minor release of PHP 7, and will again boost performance and improve code readability/maintainability.
But while PHP 7.3 was a relatively minor release; the upcoming 7.4 release has a lot more exciting additions and new features to improve the way we write our code, not to mention a few “gotchas”. From the new “arrow functions” that are more than simply syntactic sugar for closures, to Covariant Returns and Contravariant Parameters; from typed properties, to changes in precedence of the concatenation operator.
Let’s take a look at what PHP 7.4 has to offer us as developers, and what pitfalls it might create for the unwary.

19:00 – 19:30 – Doors open.
19:30 – 19:45 – A word from our organizers / location sponsor
19:45 – 20:30 – What’s in store in 7.4 ~ Mark Baker
20:30 – ?? – Round up and start of Social!