010PHP: Profiling PHP, A dive into your application

Your application needs to be fast nowadays in order to stand out from the crowd. Study has shown that application performance has a psychological effect on customer satisfaction. Profiling can give you more insight in how your application really works internally. It gives you an overview of where the resource bottlenecks in your application reside. In this talk, I am going to give an overview of some profiling methods that exist today, and where I think we should be heading. After this talk, you will be able to use some basic profiling tricks to analyse the performance constraints in your application.

Dennis de Greef is a software engineer at TransIP, primarily working on the backend of the VPS platform. His current interests in software engineering are BDD, DDD and software metrics and he loves the thin line between software engineering and infrastructure automation. He also loves conversations about why we do things the way we do, so we don’t preach solutions for problems we long forgot.

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