010PHP: Why your code is bad: the clear PHP reference

The first meetup in the spring of 2015 will have a returning speaker: Damien Seguy. He talked about code audits in our October meetup, and this time he will continue the theme of code quality with a talk about Clear PHP:

Clear PHP is a coding reference for all of us. It tracks what PHP expects you to do and won’t check for you, leading to a life of misery. Clear PHP collects all those language specificities, so they may be avoided. The recommendations are between coding conventions, that focus on code writing, and code architecture, with its design patterns and conceptions. This is the first time in history where an effort was made to collect so-called ‘newbie’ traps, that will still bite us. There will be lots of quizzical looks during the talk.

That should be interesting! We’re still working on the location of the meetup, but we’ll make sure to announce that in time.

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