April meetup – An introduction to Docker

Our first official meetup!


• 19:00 – 19:25: Welcome with drinks & snacks

• 19:25 – 19:35: Intro by Code By The Sea (aka, how can you help)

• 19:35 – 20:30: An Introduction to Docker by Peter Verhage

• 20:30 – 21:00: Social

• 21:00 Raffle,  Announcements, Feedback

Intro by Code By The Sea, aka “how can you help”

This will be a short introduction to our ideas for the group. It won’t be a 30 minute talk, but rather an open conversation with some questions to get things started:

– We’d like to get some locations for meetups in Zeeland. Who can help with that?

– Are there any speakers willing to do talks? How could we help new speakers get started?

– Talk subject suggestions?

– Any input by you! Contact us with ideas.

An Introduction to Docker by Peter Verhage

In this presentation Peter will give an introduction to Docker and related technologies like Docker Compose. You will find out what Docker is and isn’t, where it can be used for and how you can use it for both development and production setups.

About Peter Verhage: Peter is an all-round developer and CTO / co-founder of Egeniq. With Egeniq he focuses on building apps and back-ends for various (mobile) platforms. Known apps include RTL Nieuws, SBS KIJK, Pathé Thuis and BNR.


• Coupon for a free digital year subscription to the php[architect]  Magazine.

• Not exactly a raffle but: a coupon for $10 off any new php[architect] subscription for EVERY attendee!


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