April Meetup @ Flexmail – PHP Limburg

Our April Meetup will be hosted this year by first-timer Flexmail (https://flexmail.be). We are thankful they’ll open their doors for us. They will provide PIZZA & DRINKS – so you can come straight after work!

Thijs Feryn, Co-founder PHPBenelux, Tech Evangelist and long time speaker, will share with us his knowledge about “Developing cacheable PHP applications”. We are really excited to have him back as a speaker.

18:30 – Open Doors
20:00 – Main talk, by Thijs Feryn
21:00 – Raffle & more social

There’s free parking on other side of street (at least 25 spaces).

== TALK ==
“Developing cacheable PHP applications “

In this presentation I will show you how to leverage HTTP headers in your PHP application to achieve a maximum hit rate, without losing touch with the challenges of real-world web projects.

We’ll talk about cache-control headers, ESI, AJAX calls, vary headers, accept-language, separating stateful from stateless content, conditional requests, and content invalidation. I’ll apply these concepts to a Symfony 4 application in a non-intrusive way.

Thijs Feryn is a “technical evangelist” at Combell and Sentia. Both are leading webhosting companies in the Benelux area: the former in the SME market, the latter in the enterprise market. His goal is to bring technology to the people and people to technology. He focuses on bridging the gap between code and infrastructure. Thijs is a published author at O’Reilly, he is also involved in many open source communities. He speaks, listens, writes, codes, teaches, blogs, vlogs, organizes and is above all very excited to speak at PHP Limburg!