April Meetup – PHP Limburg BE

This month’s meetup will be hosted by Sparkcentral, at Corda Campus in Hasselt. The event will include a talk from Jan Fabry, another one of our own!

19:00 – opening & social (with food and drinks as usual)
20:00 – Talk: “Life on the ops side”, by Jan Fabry
21:00 – Raffles and more social!

Life on the Ops Side

Developers think of “operations” as the people standing in the way between them and a quick fix on the servers. Ops people know that if a developer with access to your server did not break it yet, it’s because they forgot to do so. The rest of the company doesn’t see the difference, they’re all just a bunch of nerds to them – just get the bug fixed!

In many organisations, we see that developers are operations are (still) separate teams. Each with their specialties, but also each with eye patches that prevent us from learning from each other. In this talk, you will learn how operations experiences your application, when it is no longer a static still life of clean code, but a living, fire-breathing monster set loose on the world. How to keep the operations team happy, and deliver better products as a side-result.

Jan Fabry

Jan started as a PHP developer, blaming the hosting company every time they screwed up a new environment. Then at Mobile Vikings he became part of the operations team, on call and being waked up by unclear alarms at ungodly hours. Now he has come full circle, helping that original hosting company that he used to blame – and occasionally uncovering screw-ups by developers. Luckily he hasn’t found his own old code yet…