Closing down 2014 with a bang!

December is upon us. Time to get settled for Christmas and New Year celebrations, the time to give to your loved ones and to think about things you will do in the new year.

But before we close down 2014, we have a last meetup scheduled in Maasbree (NL) where we will have great sessions and gifts to raffle. So, gain some extra knowledge and make new friends before the end of 2014 and maybe walk away with some awesome gifts.


X-com B.V.
Zonneveld 9
5993 SG Maasbree


• 19:00 – 19:30: Welcome with food & drinks

• 19:30 – 20:30: Testing legacy applications – Michelangelo van Dam

• 20:30 – 20:45: Break

• 20:45 – 21:45: Why Magento? How to determine if Magento is the right choice – Gabriel Somoza

• 21:45 – 22:00: Intro X-Com and Raffle of prizes

• 22:00 – ??:??: Networking

Testing legacy applications – Michelangelo van Dam

After years of promoting PHPUnit I still hear it’s hard to get started with unit testing. So instead of showing nice step-by-step examples on how to use PHPUnit, we’re going to take examples straight from github and start writing tests for them where I explain the issue, how we test it and how we finally got things tested. So I take on the challenge to start writing tests for PHP projects that already have unit tests in place (like major frameworks) and projects that not even started with unit testing.

Michelangelo van Dam is a professional PHP consultant and Zend Framework expert working mainly for governments and larger enterprises. Michelangelo is also president of PHPBenelux, a PHP user group operating in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, and speaks at several PHP conferences around the world.

Why Magento? How to determine if Magento is the right choice – Gabriel Somoza

With more than 26% market share (and growing) its by far the most popular Ecommerce platform in the World today. But is Magento the right choice for your next Ecommerce project? This talk will provide vital information about what you can and cannot do with Magento – mixed with some real-life experience – to ultimately help you answer that inevitable question.

Gabriel Somoza is a Certified Magento Developer (Plus) and co-founder of Strategery, a Magento development boutique based in Boston, USA. He created the Magento InfiniteScroll extension, which is being used in thousands of Magento stores world-wide. Gabriel recently moved to Belgium and currently spends most of his time working at Solutions.

If interested to speak at our meetups, let us know at We’re always looking for new topics and new speakers for our meetups.

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