Conference Pre-Social – Programming the TIS-100

Note: You do *not* need a conference ticket to attend this event, it’s free for everyone!

As a lead up to next month’s conference, we’re organizing an special pre-event: an evening of pair programming the TIS-100 machine, a damaged, antique PC with a mysterious past…

Well, okay, actually, it’s a really cool programming video game and series of puzzles. Bring a friend, make a team at the venue or lone wolf it to solve some puzzles for ridiculous prizes! Don’t worry if you’ve never played before, we’ll have a short tutorial before diving in, as well as different puzzles for all levels of TIS-100 devs.

Don’t have the game? You can pick it up for a few bucks on Steam/GoG/Humble Store or just email jiri {at} infi {dot} nl. That’s right, the fine folks at Infi are sponsoring this evening by providing drinks, food and even keys to the game (within reason, of course).

Side note: in the interest of time and wifi preservation, we do ask you request a key and install the game before coming since that’ll be easier. 🙂

Get ready for the conf in style or just have a good time goofing off with friends. It’s gonna be an assembler-riffic evening!