December meetup bij Stack & Heap

Voor de dertiende editie van PHP-WVL zijn we te gast bij Stack & Heap in Kortrijk. Jullie worden voorzien van drankjes en misschien de rest van de chipkes van de vorige meetup… Allen daarheen!

Zoals jullie zullen zien, hebben we sprekers met internationale allures. De abstracts & bio’s zijn volledig in het Engels, wat erop kan wijzen dat de presentaties ook in het Engels zullen gegeven worden. Reserveer alvast tijdig uw tolk!

We spreken af op woensdag 02 december vanaf 19u30.

Parking: Parking “Haven” naast het gebouw


19:30 – 20:00: Welkom & Drankjes
20:00 – 20:10: Intro PHP-WVL
20:10 – 20:15: Intro Stack & Heap  
20:15 – 21:15: How to Migrate Anything with DDD (Gabriel Somoza)  
21:15 – 21:30: Pauze
21:30 – 22:30: The continuous PHP Pipeline (Michelangelo “DragonBe” van Dam)
22:30 – … : Raffle & Socializen

How to Migrate Anything with DDD

Several migration frameworks and libraries have been created over the years in order to help developers manage their data and schemas changes in a reliable, collaborative manner. But even well-adopted solutions like Phinx and Doctrine Migrations have either struggled to keep-up with modern PHP due to architectural issues, or failed to provide enough framework integration to be actually practical for everyday use.

This talk will guide you through the process of re-designing and implementing the very core of the migration mechanism into a “domain library” that can be re-used to power migrations for virtually any modern PHP framework (not kidding!). But most importantly, throughout the process you will experience first-hand why having a DDD mindset can help you invent and contribute *relevant* modules to the open-source community. 

Who is Gabriel?

Gabriel Somoza is a Belgium-based PHP Architect and entrepreneur. He currently spends most of his time as Director of Operations at Strategery – a boutique development company that specializes in building highly-customized web applications e-commerce stores. He’s also a *ZCE* and *Magento Certified Developer (Plus)*.

Gabriel is active in the open-source community with contributions to Doctrine Migrations, ZF2 and is the original author of the Strategery InfiniteScroll extension for Magento (the most popular extension of its class) – among several other small contributions to other projects. He’s also the organizer of PHP Limburg, a meetup with 120+ registered members in Belgium.

When not working he spends time with his beautiful wife, travels, and does research on new ways of applying technology.

The continuous PHP Pipeline 

You’ve got your tests, your metrics, your database migrations and your system provisioning automated, but how can you deploy everything with a push of a button and not be scared something goes wrong? Welcome to the continuous PHP Pipeline.

In this talk I take the code, the tests, the metrics and the provisioners and show you how you can have a continuous delivery pipeline setup based on certain criteria you define upfront, your code gets automatically deployed to staging or to production with all the arbitrary tasks along with it.

Never get stressed again about deployments. Make deployments as easy as committing to your repository and get home on time to enjoy your well deserved weekend.

Who is Michelangelo?

Michelangelo van Dam is a professional PHP consultant and Zend Framework expert working mainly for governments and larger enterprises. Michelangelo is also president of PHPBenelux, a PHP user group operating in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, and speaks at several PHP conferences around the world.