December Meetup

Creating a dashboard with Laravel, Vue and Pusher
by Freek Van der Herten

On the wall mounted TV in our office a dashboard is displayed. At a glance we can see what the current tasks for each member of our team are, which important events are coming up, which music is playing, if it will rain in the next 30 minutes, … and much more. 
In this 30 minute demo I’ll explain how we leveraged both Laravel and Vue to build the dashboard. After demonstrating the dashboard itself we’ll take a deep dive in the code. We’ll take a look at the entire flow: the grid system, broadcast events, the Pusher service, some cool Vue mixins and much more. After this talk you’ll be able to setup a dashboard using our code available at

Length: 30 min

The story behind our open source efforts 
by Freek Van der Herten

At my company we create a lot of open source code. Our packages have recently crossed the magical one million downloads mark.  I’m very proud that the Laravel and PHP community find our packages useful. In this short talk I’d like to share the story behind our packages. I’ll also shortly demo a few of them.

Length: 30 min

Freek is a partner & developer at Spatie, a webdesign agency based in Antwerp that specializes in Laravel development. Freek and his colleagues at Spatie are world-famous for their contribution to the Laravel community (Spatie’s Laravel packages have been downloaded over 1 million times!). See Freek’s blog and newsletter at <a></a> 


Simple setup, simple life. Using Valet in your workflow.
by Gilbert West

Gilbert will walk us through getting Valet setup on a Mac, install a Laravel project and show us how to quickly demo prototypes to clients before you even set up any hosting.

He’ll also show us a tool for adapting the out of the box auth scaffolding to his own preferences.

Ideal for beginners and solo freelancers.

Presentation time: 20 minutes

Gilbert West is a Web Developer who uses Laravel on a daily basis.


Show and tell – project demos

Several members of the group will give short 3 minute demos of something they have made / are making using Laravel.

Followed by drinks, as always 🙂