DeventerPHP – Lightning talks

We will be having multiple lightning talks.

What Time?

18:00 – 19:00 Welcome drinks

19:00- 19:15 Opening

19:15- 20:30 Talks

20:30- ???? Socialize

About The talk

1. You?

2. I didn’t know git could do that! – Git Bisect by Ben Peachey

All software contains undocumented features bugs.
Once undesirable behaviour becomes apparent, as software developers, we can spend a lot of time trying to locate the source of such behaviour.
In this lightning talk we’ll take a look at what `git bisect` is and how it can
help speed up the process of locating the source of bugs.

3. Introductie Single Sign-On systemen met de OpenId Connect Protocol standaard by Sander Obdeijn

OpenId connect is een authenticatie laag boven op OAuth populair voor single sign on systemen. Het wordt nu gebruikt door Steam, Microsoft, Amazon, Google. En ondersteund veel verschillende scenarios voor authenticatie,

4. This talk will make you a better [D]eveloper by Tim Huijzers

Always thought what the most important thing is to improve your development skills? Well, I’m not going to give you the answer but I am going to give you a lot of small useful tips to start being a better developer Today. In 10 min I will try to run through a lot of topics like SOLID, TDD, DDD, BDD, RDD, BLDD, YOLODD, ADD, NDAD, ADHD and a lot more stuff ending with the D.

5. Best Practices – a rant by Stefan Koopmanschap

At every user group, at every conference, and in every article we get told about best practices and how we should all implement all the best practices. But is this actually true? Or should we perhaps use a more sane approach to applying best practices?