DeventerPHP – CQRS and Event-Sourcing with Prooph

Talk – CQRS and Event-Sourcing with Prooph

What Time?

18:00 – 19:00 Welcome drinks

19:00 – 19:15 Opening

19:15 – 20:15 CQRS and Event-Sourcing with Prooph by Sander Vink

20:15 – ???? Socialize

— Location
Drukwerkdeal office, parking is for free

— About the talk: CQRS and Event-Sourcing with Prooph
Last year (2018) I worked on a project for which we thought Domain-Driven Design would be a perfect match, because we really needed to engage our users as early as possible during development. Additionally we had some technical requirements for which CQRS and Event Sourcing also seemed like a good match.

During this talk I will explain why we thought this was, how we implemented this with the help of Prooph components, what kind of problems we ran in to, and how we solved them.

My talk is divided into the following parts:

– Brief explanation of the project and its requirements on a functional level (what it should do, target audience, etc; non-commercial)
– Why we thought Domain-Driven Design would be a perfect match
– Brief explanation of CQRS and Event Sourcing
– Outline of the available Prooph components (what they are/do, and which ones we decided to use)
– Code examples of how we implemented this in the project
– How it performed in the production environment, which problems/complexity we had to face, and how we solved that (mostly back-end, but also front-end)

–About the speaker: Sander Vink
Started out as a front-end developer over 15 years ago, but since then have had many years of back-end development experience (10+ years, mostly in PHP), and done my fair share of (technical) product owner work. Additionally I love to facilitate business people and users by organizing event storming and story mapping sessions.

Working as Technical Lead at [Infi Utrecht]( ). Board member and treasurer of [Fronteers]( ) in my spare time. Father of two kids, married, and love to watch & play tennis.

Parking is free at our office