DomCode 2016 Annual Conference – SOLD OUT

A cross-language conference for the web, located in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities

DomCode is a non-profit event based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Two tracks of local and international speakers covering modern development, hosted in a friendly environment, at a beautiful venue, for an amazing price.

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• GRAHAM DANIELS- Here Be Dragons! What It’s Really Like to Slay a MonolithOpening Keynote

• GOJKO ADZIC – Developing Chat-Bots Using AWS Lambda

• FELIENNE HERMANS – How Do Kids Program in the Wild? (Using Scratch)

• SYLVAN CLEBSCH – The Pony Programming Language

• ALISON GIANOTTO (Snipeyhead) – TBA

• ANCILLA VAN DE LEEST – Ethics & Human Rights in a Digital Society

• ANJANA VAKIL – Oops, OOP’s Not What I Thought!


• ADRIAN PHILIPP – Experiences Building Apps With React Native

• JEROEN VAN DER GULIK – How To Effectively Grow a Development Team

• LAURENS DUIJVESTEIJN – Distributed Disarray (Distributed Systems)

• BRAM DUVIGNEAU – Testing For Accessibility: Don’t Be A Showstopper

• WIM ZWIJNENBURG – Data, Drones and Death