Eventstorming SweetLakePHP

Special Edition!

This meetup is a special edition, in this meetup, we don’t have a speaker but its more like a Workshop!

In this meetup Jelrik van Hal (@jelrikvh) will lead us with an actual event storming session about the SweetLakePHP website! Join us to learn about event storming.

Make sure you arrive around 18:15, because Mitchel (@mverschoof) will sponsor PIZZA’S!
If you have a good reason not to eat pizza, let us know!

What is event storming?

Event Storming is a workshop format for quickly exploring complex business domains.
It is ​powerful: it has allowed me and many practitioners to come up with a comprehensive model of a complete business flow in hours instead of weeks.
It is ​engaging​: the whole idea is to bring people with the questions and people who know the answer in the same room and to build a model together.
It is ​efficient​: the resulting model is perfectly aligned with a Domain-Driven Design implementation style (particularly fitting an Event Sourcing approach), and allows for a quick determination of Context and Aggregate boundaries.
It is ​easy​: the notation is ultra-simple. No complex UML that might cut off participants from the heart of the discussion.
It is ​fun​: I always had a great time leading the workshops, people are energised and deliver more than they expected. The right questions arise, and the atmosphere is the right one.



18:15 – Pizza will arrive!
19:00 – Start of the event storm session!
22:00 – Drink what is left of the beer