February Meetup @ Inventis – PHP Limburg

For this February meetup we’re kindly invited back to Inventis (https://www.inventis.be and https://twitter.com/inventis), a long time partner with out meetup. Special thanks to Ruud van den Dungen for his help organizing!

The topic of the evening will be brought by Tim Haselaars (https://twitter.com/timhaselaars). The “Head of Technology” since the birth of the Antwerp start-up Parcify (https://www.parcify.com, with investments by Bpost), Tim has a track record mostly as a Technical Product Manager / Scrum master with a passion for music, web technology and micro services. During this talk, he will show us the evolution from their PHP monolith to event-driven webservices.

= SCHEDULE = (subject to minor adjustments)

19:00 – Open doors and social + refreshments & food
20:00 – Tim Haselaars
21:00 – Raffle & closing announcements
21:15 – More social


There’s plenty of parking available at the venue itself.

=TALK = Parcify, the evolution from our PHP monolith to event-driven webservices Tells the story how we moved the Parcify platform from a PHP monolith to PHP event-driven web services. Shares our development insights and experiences that came with a rapidly evolving and changing product. How we tried to keep the PHP code stable and scalable while we went from idea to prototype to MVP to platform with challenges like a changing organization, changing product features, changing technology and changing architecture.