February Meetup – Natural language processing in PHP applications

Map: https://goo.gl/guK4fV
Take the Metro 5 towards Herrmann-Debroux and get off at Pétillon station

## Talk: Natural language processing in PHP applications, by Benjamin Rey

Natural language processing (NLP) refers to how computers understand and speak human languages. It is what happens when Google translates a text or Siri answers a question. You can use NLP to build the next-generation human-face robot, or you can use it today to make your web applications smarter. In this talk we will review what NLP can do for you and how to get started.

Ben is developing www.ilini.com, a language-learning website.

## Composer Show 
Take the floor for 10 minutes to show something you are building / have built.

## Artisan Bar 
Speak one-on-one with other members about problems in your code or just get a second opinion on your code.

## Prizes
Each meetup, we have a free PHPStorm licence to offer to the attendee who gets the correct answer to a Laravel related question.