BredaPHP – November 2015


19:15: Welcome 
19:25: Official start of the evening, the opening  
19:30 – 20:30: Talk by Frank de Jonge, ‘Frontin’ like a back-er’
20:30- 20:40: Short break  
20:40 – 21:40: Talk by Sam de Poorter, ‘MySQL-performance for developers’ 
21:40: Social with drinks  
22:00: End time

Talk: Frontin’ like a back-er

As back-end developers, our skill-set is pretty much useless in the front-end… WRONG! Modern JavaScript, mixed with ReactJS and Flux, allow you to re-use your back-end mindset. See how back-end patterns you’re already familiar with map to the front-end to create applications that are easy to reason about.


Frank de Jonge

Talk: MySQL-performance for developers

Poorly designed query’s will quickly end the performance of your application. In the modern age where performance is a necessity, you’ll have to up your game.
During this talk, we’ll discuss subjects key to this topic. Join in to make sure performance-hits are not to blame on your performance!


Sam de Poorter