First meetup

It is here! The first meetup of BredaPHP:

19:15: Welcome
19:30: Official start of the evening, the opening
19:35 – 20:00: Talk by Sjoerd Maessen from E-sites about how they use PHP
20:00 – 20:10: Short break
20:10: Talk by Rick Kuipers, The Stateful ElePHPant
21:00: Raffle
21:10: Social with drinks 
22:00: End time

Talk: PHP usage at E-sites
Presentation that shows how E-sites works with PHP and corresponding tool during the life cycle of a website / project.

Speaker: Sjoerd Maessen

Talk: The Stateful ElePHPant

We’ll be broadening our horizons by having a look at state machines and the state pattern. I’ll be showing you that these concepts have their place in the PHP world and during the live coding we can share some of our favorite PhpStorm features/shortcuts. Oh yeah, we will be observing an elephpant in its natural habitat…

Speaker: Rick Kuipers

Parking information:
You can park your car under the E-sites building. There should be enough parking lots.

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