Holiday Party – DomCode 2017

ā€¢ What we’ll do
With all the wacky events we’ve hosted this year, time to round off with one more: our traditional DomCode holiday party. This month, we’re putting down our keyboards and picking up a mug of (hot chocolate|beer|tea|cider|soda). The goal? To spend some time with the most important part of any technology stack: the people around you.

In lieu of our monthly tech talk, we’ll meet up at Venue Utrecht (yes, that’s the actual name) in downtown Utrecht to hang out and have a good time. Please be aware that this is an unsponsored meetup, so any snacks and drinks are at your own expense!

Note: We’ve reserved spots for 20 people but if more RSVP, we’ll increase our booking so just signup if you want to come. šŸ™‚

Second Note: Normally all of our monthly meetups are on the last Tuesday of the month but since that’s Second Christmas Day this year, we’ve moved it to the 19th.

Come, have a drink with us and unwind a bit. But whether you can make it or not, Happy Holidays from everyone at DomCode, thanks for another great year!