Imagine recap – Magento 2.3 and more

With Magento Imagine just behind us, it’s great to meetup and talk about everything what happend at Imagine 2018 in Las Vegas. Join us at this MUG to discuss Imagine, the keynotes, the upcoming release of Magento 2.3 and off course the networking events and parties.

ā€¢ What we’ll do

The Magento Master 2018, Sander Mangel and Danny Verkade will talk to you about the most important topics that where discussed at Imagine this year: The community, Magento Association, Community Insider Program, Magento 2.3, PWA and voice.

You have the opportunity to talk to 2 Magento Masters 2018. So 10% of all Magento Masters worldwide will be present at this event! šŸ™‚

ā€¢ What to bring

You, your cheerful mood and invite other coworkers, developers, merchants to this MUG as well!

ā€¢ Important to know

Office of Redkiwi in Rotterdam.