Join the fight against email spam!

19:00 – 19:20: Welcome with drinks & snacks
19:20 – 19:30: Intro by SweetlakePHP
19:30 – 20:30: Join the fight against email spam! by Jeffrey Cafferata
20:30 – 20:45: Break
20:45 – 21:30: Group discussion
21:30 – 21:45: Raffle, Announcements, Feedback
21:45 – ??:??: Networking and drinks

Talk: Join the fight against email spam!

Each and every one of us uses it .. E-mail. But how well do we monitor this crucial channel? How can we avoid SPAM being sent from our domains? If you own a domain that sends email, the most effective action you can take is to set up DKIM, SPF and DMARC. As more, and more domains implement authentication, phishers are forced to target domains that are not yet protected. Hopefully not your domains? In this presentation we will look at the three protocols.

About: Jeffrey Cafferata

Jeffrey is a software developer, and owner of JCID. Spends most of his time programming in PHP in combination with Symfony 2 while focusing on custom applications for business cases. Think of intranet systems, ERP, CRM, Api couplings. In his spare time he enjoys reading blogs of other developers and likes to experiment with new techniques.

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