July Meetup – PHP Limburg BE

For our July meetup we’re going back to Corda Campus, this time to visit the brand-new offices from Phpro (@phprotweets), where we will be treated by a talk from Martin de Keijzer, board member @ PHP Benelux.


Corda Campus is a big complex with a lot of parking. Feel free to park anywhere where there’s place, and then go to Corda Campus  1, Level 1, Room 4. You can find a floor plan here.


– 18:00 – Welcome & social
– 19:00Talk: High Quality Live Broadcasting with PHP
– 20:00 – Raffle & more social

High Quality Live Broadcasting with PHP (Martin de Keijzer)

One of the latest trends on our beloved internet is broadcasting live video. The charm of being there and being part of a group viewers via a chat is something which appeals to many users. It could be a product presentation, screencast with live Q&A, a weekly planned show or live DJ set. There are many opportunities to go live on networks like Facebook, Youtube or Twitch.

But there’s also a dark side with things like bandwidth limits, technical knowledge and many other small annoyances which can go wrong. In this presentation we’ll look at these issues, how we as PHP developers at Spinnin’ Records overcame these problems now and new plans for the near future.

Best of all; this is being developed as an open source package, so you can already start planning your live screencasts, product presentations or weekly shows today!