June Meetup – PHP Limburg BE

For the first meetup of the summer we’re kindly invited to the Smartschool (@smartschool) offices in Meeuwen (parking map), hosted by Jurgen Rutten, where we will enjoy some drinks, pizzas and the usual community time we value so much. It’s a Thursday, the day after the Red Devils played against Sweden (Wednesday evening), so we’ll hopefully also have a reason to celebrate!

We’ll also have a very interesting talk: Maarten Huijsmans and Ian Droogmans will team-up to give us a proper “Introduction to Docker” – of course with a focus on PHP! You can read the abstract below.


* 19:00 – Welcome social – drinks & snacks
* 20:00 – Talk: Introduction to Docker
* 21:00 – Raffle (including some flying rc stuff) 
* 21:05 – Pizza time!

Talk: Introduction to Docker

“Everything old is new again” is a commonly heard phrase that has described everything from fashion, to politics to technology. It is also an apt statement when it comes to Linux containers.

Containers have been available for many years in Linux distros but they’ve seldom been used because of the complexity required to build something that worked.

Docker changed the game and popularized Linux containers. It is one of the fastest growing and hottest technologies of last years.  

We will give an introduction to Docker. Explain what it is, how you can build, ship an run Docker for your php project. 

Maarten Huijsmans

Maarten is a freelance full stack developer and worked with a variety of technology stacks in the last years. Deployments of all these different technologies have always been a struggle. In the last years he discovered Docker and now at TriLED he deploys every microservice with Docker. 

Ian Droogmans

Ian works at Medianeut as Head of ICT. Medianeut’s codebase is fully written in PHP and is being deployed with Docker on AWS since a few months.