Juni meetup – Crafting beautiful software

Crafting beautiful software


19:00 – 19:25: Ontvangst 
19:25 – 19:30: Introductie 
19:30 – 20:30: Crafting beautiful software
20:30: Social en verloting (we zoeken nog gadgets voor deze of volgende verlotingen!!)

Crafting beautiful software

All projects start with a lot of enthusiasm. As many projects grow the technical debt gets bigger and the enthusiasm gets less. Almost any developer can develop a great project, but the key is maintaining an ever evolving application with minimal technical debt without losing enthusiasm.

During this talk you will be taken on the journey of application design. The starting point is an application that looks fine but contains lots of potential pitfalls. We will address the problems and solve them with beautiful design. We end up with testable, nicely separated software with a clear intention.

Jorn Oomen

Jorn is a freelance web developer with 8+ years of professional experience in working with PHP. He gets a kick out of building high performance maintainable applications in complex domains. Loves Symfony, DDD and the hexagonal architecture. He is a promoter of the social developer culture and lean software development. During his mentorship at the Google NL Startup Week he guided startups on these themes. Can be impatient during long meetings, inefficient standups and behind slow cars. In his spare time he likes cycling and anything that has to do with cars and car development.