Laravel Brussels June Meetup

Part #1

How To Roll Your Own: experiences and observations of creating your own development tools

by Jan Oris

As we mature as software developers, it becomes more and more important to increase the speed with which we are able to develop our applications. This can be done in a number of different ways, e.g. use a new IDE, use a new framework, pull in a specific package via composer, …

In the last couple of years however, Jan has felt the need to take this concept one step further by creating a set of custom PHP packages that are perfectly in line with his own preferences and work flow. These packages have allowed him to significantly speed up the development of his projects by reducing the amount of repetitive actions and boiler plate code.

In this talk, Jan will give a brief demonstration of the tools and techniques he has used to accomplish this and show how to do the same for your projects, be it Laravel, Symfony, Drupal or WordPress. Additionally, he will highlight some of the lessons he learned over the last couple of years while taking this approach.

Jan Oris is a freelance PHP developer who has over 3 years of experience in PHP web development and currently has his own web development company called Ixudra. He focuses primarily on Laravel web development and puts a lot of focus and attention towards unit testing and code optimisation.

Part #2

Mini-talks – tips, tricks and ideas

Take the floor for 10 minutes and tell us about:
– how you’ve solved a specific problem;
– how you use a specific tool/feature;
– or a project you’re working on, if you need feedback or help.

Other valid topics: anything that makes us think and talk about code!

Part #3

Chat & drinks at BrewDog 🙂