Magento Contribution Day – Rotterdam Location

• What we’ll do
Magento is organising a global Contribution Day with locations all over the world like Madrid, Kiev, Krakow, Khmelnitsky, Buenos Aires and Nottingham. And Rotterdam will host its very own location!

We’ll be working some of the following projects
– issues reported on the Magento2 github page
– Multi-Store Inventory
– Bulk Update API
– some new features for Magento 2
– Preparing Magento 2 for PHP 7.2
– improving DevDocs
– testing Github Pull Requests

Redkiwi has been kind enough to sponsor a location in Rotterdam. Sponsored together with FitForMe there will be food, drinks and snacks during the day.

From 10 in the morning till 10 in the night doors are open. Make sure you are on time to join a group and listen in on the streamed presentation given by members of the Magento Core team and the Community Engineering team.

• What to bring
Bring your notebook and adapter, a working Magento 2 installation and a Github account.

• Important to know
Please let us know before hand if you have any (food) allergies we should take into consideration

Main language will be English