March Meetup – PHP Limburg BE

For our March edition, Level27 will generously open their offices to our PHP community and prepare some nice food & drinks for us to enjoy. 

Space will be more limited than usual (up to 23 people) and almost half of them are already gone, so you’re encouraged to RSVP as soon as possible!


19:00 – opening & social
20:00 – Talk: The Power of the Soft Skill (Kenneth Schabrechts)
21:00 – Raffles & more social


Bilzen is really small. Here’s a map with possible parking spaces. All are free in the evening. 


Every day developers ask themselves what they can do to improve their technical expertise. Which comes to no surprise seeing the nature of this industry. However it is important to focus some of your time on training and learning to use your soft skills. This will help you be a better developer. 

Skills like communication, collaboration and problem solving skills will give you an edge when trying to get into a certain company or when trying to obtain that contract you always wanted. During this talk you will be shown some of the most vital skills needed for developers to reach that goal. Besides the overview we will also dive into methods by which you can actively work on improving said skills.