May Meetup – Checking uptime with Laravel

## Location: We will be meeting in the Azzar Room at ICAB.

## Talk: Monitoring uptime with Laravel by Freek van der Herten

Last year Freek’s company released a package called laravel-uptime-monitor. This powerful piece of software can check the health of hundreds of sites in a few seconds. Not only the uptime can be check but also if there’s a valid ssl certificate installed. Unlike the alternatives, the package is absolutely free no matter how many sites you wish to monitor.

In this talk he’ll give you an overview of the package. You also learn how to install it from scratch. After that we’ll walk through the code and discuss some tricks that they used to automatically test the package.

## Composer Show  
Take the floor for 10 minutes to show something you are building / have built. 

## Artisan Bar  
Speak one-on-one with other members about problems in your code or just get a second opinion on your code.

## Prizes
Each meetup, we have a free PHPStorm licence to offer to the attendee who gets the correct answer to a Laravel related question.