May meetup in Leuven

Thanks to our sponsor Kunstmaan, our next meetup will take place in Leuven!

The venue this time is Flanders DC, located next to Leuven railway station at Diestsevest 76, 3000 Leuven. Public parking nearby for those arriving by car can be found in Parking “De Bond”. We kick off at 19h00 as usual.

This event is also organized in collaboration with the Symfony User Group Belgium, a big thanks for that!

This is the schedule for the event:

19:00 – 19:20: Welcome, drinks and sandwiches
19:20 – 19:30: Intro
19:30 – 20:30: Bundle up your cms worries: here’s Kunstmaan Bundles! (Kim Ausloos)
20:30 – 20:45: Break 
20:45 – 21:45: Refactoring towards Dependency Injection (Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse)
21:45 – 22:00: Raffle, Announcements, Feedback 
22:00 – ??:??: Networking and drinks

Bundle up your cms worries: here’s Kunstmaan Bundles! (Kim Ausloos)

Websites should be flexible and customizable. Setting them up should be easy and not time consuming. Budget and deadline constraints are important but the end result should be easy to adapt and flexible enough for expansions and growth. Not satisfied with the existing solutions (and we tried quite a few), we developed Kunstmaan Bundles, powered by Symfony. We’ll show you how Kunstmaan Bundles enables you to easily build a powerful cms, with just a few commands and… in no time.

Kim Ausloos is working for Kunstmaan, a communication agency in Leuven and has been building websites for over 10 years. His prefered tools are the excellent Symfony Framework, or the individual Symfony components. When not working he is probably speding time with his family or reading up on php, electronics or various devops tools.

2)  Refactoring towards Dependency Injection (Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse)

Frameworks like Symfony have embraced dependency injection, which is based on the Dependency Inversion Principle. But do we develop with this principle in mind? How do we avoid anti-patterns like Service Locator? More importantly, how do we extract our dependencies from our controllers or console-commands? 

Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse is a young software-developer who currently works for ONE-Agency. He started his career as a PHP-developer, more specifically by refactoring legacy Symfony-applications using techniques from TDD, BDD and DDD. Nowadays he’s exploring Modelling, CQRS and event-sourcing while building greenfield applications. When Stijn is not programming, he’s timekeeping major track and field competitions.