Privacy by Design by Michelangelo van Dam @ Nascom – PHP Limburg

For our May edition we’re invited to the Nascom ( offices at their beautiful C-mine location. Nascom will provide pizzas and drinks, so you can come directly after work!

Our speaker for the evening will be Michelangelo van Dam (@dragonbe), one of the pillars of the Benelux PHP community and a renowned speaker at conferences all over the world. He’ll be talking about “Privacy by Design”, a very important topic in the age of the GDPR. More details on the talk below.

We only have space for 30 people, so please RSVP soon! If you have any special dietary needs please feel free to contact us.

18:30 – Welcome social: pizzas + drinks
20:00 – Privacy by Design, yes we can! – by Michelangelo
21:00 – Announcements and more social

Head over to P2 and follow the signs to the “C-mine Crib”. We’ll post signs on the walls or doors so you can find your way.

There is plenty of parking space available in C-Mine. P2 is the nearest parking, and P1 is a big underground parking that’s also a good option.

= TALK: Privacy by design, yes we can! =
We now have to obey the law and comply with GDPR, ensuring people’s data are securely stored, we track who has access to it and if the client requests to review, update or remove their data, we should do so in an automated fashion. But, are you there yet? Chances are, there’s still a long way to go.

In this talk I will address some of the challenges we solved in greenfield projects as well in old, legacy applications. We introduced “privacy by design” as just another “by design” mantra we already had build in our workflow and as we worked on the project, we applied it everywhere when we saw user data (personal or not) was processed. This ensured that all data was handled and treated the same way and allowed the business to reorient themselves again to be creative in approaching their customers.