May Meetup – PHP Limburg BE

For this month’s meetup we’ve been generously invited for the first time to Yappa‘s offices in Alken – where Freek Van der Herten, coming all the way from Antwerp, will talk about “Backing up with Laravel”.

– 19:00
Welcome, social, drinks & food
20:00 Talk
21:00 Raffle and more social

Backing Up With Laravel

Thanks to all the excellent resources on server management many developers are now setting up and administrating their own servers. If you are one of them you can’t count on anybody else but yourself to backup the data of your clients. We’ll cover the backup issues presented when using modern hosting such as Linode and DigitalOcean. Then we’ll review some enterprise grade solutions. Finally we’ll dive deep into implementing a backup system using Laravel 5’s filesystem abstraction.

Freek Van der Herten

Freek Van der Herten is partner & developer at Spatie. The web design agency based in Antwerp, Belgium specializes in Laravel development and regularly releases PHP and Laravel packages on GitHub. After hours Freek blogs at https://murze.beabout geeky stuff. When not behind a computer you’ll probably find him rehearsing with his krautrock-band.