May Meetup – PHP Limburg

For our May edition, Level27 will generously open their offices to our PHP community and prepare some nice food & drinks for us to enjoy. 

Space will be more limited than usual (up to 20 people) so RSVP as soon as possible if you do not want to miss this meetup! 


18:00 – Open doors, food & drinks 
19:00 – Open Source: Under The Hood – Jan Oris
19:45 – Break 
20:00 – Getting Funky with Monolog – Chris Schalenborgh
20:30 – Raffle
20:45 – Social & more snacks

Open Source: Under The Hood – Jan Oris

In the PHP community, we all rely heavily on the contributions to Open Source of community members. This includes both for the language itself as well as the thousands of frameworks as packages that we use in a daily basis. The “jolly cooperation” of many individual developers from all around the world is an incredibly great asset that helps to create new and better PHP software every day. 

Despite the frequent use of this system, the inner workings and procedures remain largely unknown to a lot of people. This often leads to a lot of waisted time and effort due to a wide variety of problems such as insufficient documentation, ineffective issue reporting, incorrect push requests and much more. In this talk I will share some of the experiences from several wel-known Open Source contributors as well as my own experiences from writing and maintaining my own packages. I will also provide a walkthrough to help you with Open Source contributions in the future.

Getting Funky with Monolog – Chris Schalenborgh

An overview of what monolog is, how it works, the core features, pro tips, and some visualisations + services you can connected it with (ELK, etc)


Level27 is located in Bilzen which is a pretty small town. Here’s a map with possible parking spots. These are all free in the evening.