Meetup at Marlon

Pragmatic application testing

Are you testing your code? Why do you test? Are you allowed to test? Why not? Is it working for you?
I guess we can all agree on the fact that testing is worth the effort. But how much effort is enough? Can you “over-test”?
What should I test to get the best ROI as a developer or business owner?

It depends, and that is why this needs to be discussed. Greenfield projects are great, but if this isn’t your first project, chances are you will be needing need a more specific approach.

A small sample application will illustrate different PHP testing tools applied to different application layers.

By Dieter Provoost, Brecht Bonte & Ruben Haegeman (Marlon)


A Tale about Time

Timezones, DST, human readable diffs, standardised formats, intervals, getting the last Tuesday of next month… Dealing with timestamps seems easy, but there’s a lot to it. It’s very easy to do it wrong. Learn how to do this properly and you’ll never be tracing weird time related bugs anymore!

By Hannes Van De Vreken