Meetup at Napoleon Games / Wimi Online

Eeek, my tests are mutating.

Writing tests is nice, but how are you sure that your tests cover your entire code? Percentages are a bad metrics for this, so a new way of working that goes by the name of mutation testing has gained a lot of popularity lately. In this talk, Lander will be your instructor on the basics of mutation testing. What it is, how you can integrate it, what the benefits and pitfalls are.

By Lander Vanderstraeten, PHP Consultant at PHPro

How to make your application or microservice platform failure resilient.

The way we structure our applications has fundamentally changes over the last few years. The service approach that is popular nowadays also brings forth certain challenges. What if a small part breaks down? Should your entire application suffer? In this talk, Mathias will tackle the issues that are brought forth by introducing their homemade PHP circuit breaker technology.

By Mathias Dewelde, Web Developer at Wimi Online