Meetup at Showpad

## Handling media in a Laravel application, by Freek Van der Herten

In most CMS kind of projects you’re going to let a user upload all sorts of images and files. Storing those files, associating them with models, creating thumbnails for them, optimizing images, can be a lot of work. Luckily laravel-medialibrary can do all that for you.

In this talk you’ll see a practical demo of how to get started with the medialibrary. You’ll learn how to store files, generate urls to them, how to use different image profiles and how to use external filesystems to store big assets.

If you’re using Laravel you’re going to love this. If you use another framework, come along for the ride and steal some ideas.

## Building a digital ID card, by Jens Segers

When we need to identify ourselves in the real world, we use our ID card as a proof of identity. We trust it, because is issued by the government. Could we build a digital ID card, based on the same principles, that we can use in our application instead of relying on cookies and sessions?

Spoiler alert; we’ll talk about Microservices, Cryptography, JSON Web Tokens and OAuth2.