Meetup at Teamleader CRM

#1: A bird’s eye view on API development – the live action version!

In this talk Frederick is going to prove he is more then just a pretty face! The talk will cover the basics of api design and will move on to more advanced topics like authentication and file uploads. The talk itself is based on his blogpost ( but will delve deeper into the topics discussed there. The talk is language agnostic, so even if you’re into some obscure programming language you can still adapt the techniques discussed. 

By Frederick Vanbrabant

#2: How I (ab)used PHP with the help of ReactPHP

PHP is one of the most accessible and commonly used languages in computer programming. It’s used for building websites, web applications, micro services and loads of other stuff. Normally we would not use it to control hardware. But let that be the showcase of this talk. I’ll show you how I ab(used) PHP to control hardware used during track and field competitions. It involves LED-panels, serial-to-ethernet-­convertors and the use of reactphp, an event-driven non-blocking I/O library.

By Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse

#3: Testing API’s with Behat

Testing API’s sounds very boring and repetitive. Luckily, Behat provides a natural language which allows even nontechnical people to define tests. I’ll briefly go over some Behat basics and show you how we test our API at Realo using the Behat testing framework.

By Jens Segers